Welcome to the North Country Food Co-op, a member owned natural foods cooperative and grocery store where anyone may shop and become a member. We began in 1974 as a buying club and have evolved into a vital business in downtown Plattsburgh. The NCFC adheres to the seven cooperative principles and promotes sustainable communities and businesses, organic and fair trade practices, and local growers and artisans. “Think globally, act locally”. As a grocery store, the NCFC carries groceries, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, bulk foods, supplements and other health care products. As a member of our community (local, regional, and global) we are proud to put people before profits, and hold the ideal of a sustainable world for our children and theirs as our vision. We are committed to putting this vision into practice. In become a shopper at the NCFC and hopefully a member, you can help make this vision a reality. Our Board of Directors:


Our Staff: