So, something new we are trying to bring to the Co-op is more focus and emphasis on the website. How many of you can honestly say you have come to the website to see what we have been up to or for exciting updates? Probably not that many. With social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter it is easier for people to stay connected without having a ton of information. With this blog, it will be much like the Facebook, but with more information. The blog will be updated weekly and it will feature some really great things! We will start to write and talk about a variety of topics such as…

  • Featured supplements and vitamins from Carol.
  • Updates on the renovations and what’s coming next.
  • Recipes.
  • More info about local farms that we work with and buy from.
  • Companies that specialize in eco-friendly and fair trade products.
  • Local artisans.
  • Non-GMO, organic, vegetarian, vegan, allergen free options.

…Just to name a few.

Since we have to start somewhere with the blog, why not start with Thanksgiving?! Thanksgiving might be a little awkward for a lot of people this year, but why not make it delicious and awkward! We have a lot of great items for all of your Thanksgiving needs, some of which are on sale. (And who doesn’t love a sale, that’s something we can all agree on!) Some featured items we have for Thanksgiving are…

  • Turkey! From our neighbors in Vermont, Misty Knoll young turkeys are not organic BUT, they are raised without any antibiotics and ionophones and are fed an organic diet. They also come in fresh and not frozen. If you want one of these delicious birds for 3.99lb you have to preorder by November 16th and leave a $20.00 deposit. You can order right at one of the registers right when you walk in. They typically are in the Sunday before Thanksgiving and we call once they are available for pickup. You can pick them up anytime that week, except for on Thanksgiving of course, because we will be closed for the day.
  • Arrowhead Mills organic stuffing-only $3.99 for a 10oz bag. Aleia’s GLUTEN FREE stuffing (believe it, it’s real) $5.99 for a 10oz box.
  • Woodstock organic jellied cranberry sauce $4.29 a can. Bow and Arrow white, yellow, blue or mixed cornmeal only $3.99 per bag. What’s really awesome about this cornmeal besides it being gluten free and non-GMO verified is that it is grown and manufactured by American Indians and the proceeds go towards the Ute Mountain Tribe in Colorado.
  • Organic sweet potatoes at $2.99lb
  • And to go with those sweet potatoes we have Dandies all natural, vegan, Non-GMO, mini marshmallows which are $3.99 a bag.
  • Farmers Market canned pumpkin which is on sale this month for $2.71 a can.
  • Our ever popular organic chocolate turkeys are back from Lake Champlain Chocolates available in milk or dark for $3.49 a piece.
  • Tofurky veggie roasts with wild rice stuffing are also back for $15.19, get them while you can!
  • A new vegetarian roast option we have this year are the Garden turk’y roast with stuffing and gravy which serves eight for $19.99.
  • Another classic turkey alternative is the Field roast, which is also available!
  • We also have some great fresh, bagged cranberries right in the produce cooler.
  • Lastly, DON’T forget about our bulk section for all of your other Thanksgiving needs such as our great spice section for baking and our great selection of flours, grains and nuts.

If you need help finding any of these items, please, feel free to ask an employee and we can show you exactly where it is or at least point you in the right direction! Keep an eye out every week for new and exciting information on the blog!