Now that our renovation project is all but finished, we would like to publicly express our gratitude to our amazing staff. This project would not have been possible without the vision, persistence and tenacity of our project manager, Jeremiah Ward. He obtained funding through loans and grants, collaborated with the architects/designers, oversaw construction, and dealt with the all the details of the renovation. The rest of our staff showed their strength of character, resilience and optimism throughout the project. They are a tough bunch. They rolled with the punches; working in less than ideal circumstances. It was cold, it was loud and it was dusty, but more often than not they worked with smiles on their faces. Our staff members also kept the chaos controlled and thanks to careful choreography we did not have to close the store.

We hope everyone agrees that all the inconvenience was worth it. We have a beautiful, shiny, new and efficient store and thank all our member-owners for their patience, understanding and flexibility during the renovation.

We are also grateful for the following professionals who did such fantastic work on our Co-op:

Dan Dessereault – General Contractor
Fred Keil – Architect
Premises Architecture and Christine Burdick Design – Interior Design
Gwen Jamison – Graphic Designer
J Hogan – Refrigeration and HVAC
Tech Valley Contracting – Upper facade
Saranac Hollow Woodworking – Supplier of wooden countertops and trim
Adams Glass – Windows and Doors
Op-Tech – Asbestos and Lead Abatement
Marty’s Carpet – Floors

We’re looking forward to a bright future.