Since the last blog post, a lot has happened! Wow, has it been a crazy couple of weeks here at the Co-op? In the last renovation update, we talked about how the renovations were going to be in three phases. We completed phase one which was clearing out the bulk room and moving all of those products into 21 Bridge Street so that room could be completely refinished. The new bulk room looks amazing!

Also, we just completed phase two! For that to happen we had to move all of the products in the second half of the main room into the newly renovated bulk room and into 21 Bridge Street. Dan and his crew have been working very hard in there the past couple of weeks ripping down walls (which exposed more original brick!) re-sheetrocked, painted, put up the new lights and helped with the new floor, and reframed the windows. While we are on the subject of windows, if you have seen them lately they have been non-existent, plywood windows up until earlier this week when we got our brand new windows! If you haven’t been able to see them yet, make sure you get a chance to walk or drive by, they look really awesome! We want to thank everyone again for bearing with us, it was cold, dusty, and at times just confusing while this phase was going on.



Now that phase two is finally finished we are so close to being complete with all of the renovations! It’s the last phase, the home stretch, we can see the light at the end of the renovation tunnel! We, of course, saved the most difficult for last. The good news is the last part should only take about two to three weeks to fully complete. Since the first half of the main room is now being renovated we will not be allowing any customers in there for the time being. So, if there is something from the dairy cooler or the freezer that you need, just ask one of our employees to help you, and most likely we can grab it for you. Although at some points we may not be able to, we will do our best to get you anything that you need! You will also not see the produce cooler or most of the produce for that matter. If you need produce, you can either go into the walk-in cooler through the new prep room and grab what you need or ask one of our staff to grab it for you.

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During this phase, we also had to change our entrance temporarily. The entrance will be through 21 Bridge St. until the renovations are complete. Since the main room is being re-done the registers obviously won’t work in there. So, for the time being, we have made a check out right inside 21 Bridge St, right inside where the new entrance is. So, until the renovations are complete we only have room for one register, so it may take longer to check out, but it is the last leg of the renovations, and it will only be a couple more weeks!

It will take longer to check out, it may be difficult to get certain things, and some items may not be available at all but, just be patient and bear with us. We wanted to be able to stay open during this whole process because we know how important it is for you to get what you need on a daily basis. Just remember that this is it, the last phase!


Thank you again for being there and supporting us through all of these changes, we couldn’t have done it without our loyal customers!