As most of our member-owners already know, our beloved General Manager and founding member, Carol Czaja is retiring. The good news is that she will be sticking around, working part time doing some of her existing ordering and consulting with customers about their supplement and health needs. We are thrilled that she will continue to share her wisdom and her calming presence, especially during this transition.

The other good news is that after advertizing Carol’s position in-house, on social media, and in the Press Republican, we have come up with an excellent candidate for General Manager.  Ryan Demers currently serves as our point-of-sale coordinator and our bookkeeper. Ryan was originally hired as a cashier, but was quickly recruited to serve as bookkeeper. He then stepped in to coordinate our point-of-sale system. He has done an excellent job in both positions and now has applied for the General Manager position. We believe that Ryan has the skills, character and enthusiasm to be the GM. He has provided us with excellent references, as well as a detailed strategic plan of how he could transition into the GM position, while transitioning other current employees into his bookkeeping and point-of -sale duties.

A committee consisting of representatives from the board, management, and other employees interviewed Ryan on January 17th and are recommending Ryan’s appointment to GM to the board. The board will act on this recommendation at the February 15th 5:30 board meeting. This meeting, like all board meetings, is open to member-owners.